Paypal you gotta improve this!

Yesterday we’ve decided to use one of the most well known payment systems Paypal. We wished to collect donations to support our cause. We’ve received the first dollar from a friend. How big was our surprise when we found out that Paypal keeps %35 of the dollar!

Basically Paypal is discouraging people from making little donations. But little recurring donations are simplest to make and would be very effective if applied correctly.


Please upvote the question “Why is Paypal robbing poor people?” let’s see if we can improve something!


The transaction was made using Paypal’s balance. There was no warning on the paypal side that this commission would be taken from the sender or the receiver! First it shows that $1 dollar is transferred with a push notification. But in reality you receive only $0.65! Nice one Paypal!


paypal1 paypal2