We are open to communication, if you wish to contribute in any way, do contact us!

Right now we are looking for experienced programmers primarily who would be willing to contribute their time for a good cause and help us create a solid foundation for our platform. At the moment we would love the involvement of people more knowledgeable than us in:

  1. High load systems (We are building a system for all the people in the world to use in the future)
  2. JavaScript (Node.js, Angular.js, Meteor.js)
  3. Postgresql/MongoDB – Database Architect. We want to get the database structure ready for massive scale and somone with relevant experience would save us a lot of head bumps.
  4. D3.js – Data scientist. We will be collecting a lof of data, so someone who knows how to turn numbers into meaninful and understandable information. We love what Hans Rosling does with statistics with his Gap Minder project, we will be doing something similar but with real-time data.
  5. Ionicframework – Web/Mobile app developer. For the prototype we will be building a hybrid app, so it’s available on all mobile platforms.


We would also need some artists in our team:

  1. UX designers
  2. UI designers
  3. Animators
  4. Video producers


The success of our project largely depends on public relations, so we are looking for someone with “International weight” in the field to head our team.


Last but not least we will need administrative support:

  1. Law professionals, who would handle the registration of a non-profit organization and support all future activities.
  2. Administrators, who would handle “house-keeping” tasks.