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Initial commit made on Github

The initial commit has been made to an open GitHub repository Please fill free to fork it, all contributions will be very welcome! Changelog: + Facebook registration and login + Heatmap of issues   Check out the changes! Read more →

Paypal you gotta improve this!

Yesterday we’ve decided to use one of the most well known payment systems Paypal. We wished to collect donations to support our cause. We’ve received the first dollar from a friend. How big was our surprise when we found out that Paypal keeps %35 of the dollar! Basically Paypal is discouraging people from making little donations. But little recurring donations are… Read more →

We are looking for an angel investor/funder

We are looking for somebody who would be willing to contribute funds to the development of the project or organize fundraising. Money will be used to finance the development of the Minimum Viable Product as per our concept and mission. $25k-50k would give us enough confidence that we’re on the right path and concentrate all our personal efforts on this project. Otherwise… Read more →

API God wanted

We want to make our API perfect, so we would like the top specialist in the API world to come forward and contribute a little, for the good of all living species on this planet and beyond 😉 Really, we want to make an API the universe would be proud of. Read more →