ImproveIt is a web service, which can be accessed via a mobile app or a web site. I’ll try to outline the main concept briefly.

Essentially it’s a reality improvement game. Anyone can become a player.

You start playing by either:

  • Locating and pinpointing problems on a global map, so others nearby can see and vote them up, especially the ones that affect them the most.


  • Solving the problems you are capable of solving. This could include personal involvement or invitation of numerous people or organizations qualified to solve the problem.


Each problem will have a “weight”, it will be a score determined by how many people the problem affects and how severely.

This way people will be encouraged to solve the most pressing problems first, the ones that affect the highest number of people.

There will be a global leaderboard, as well as local leaderboards, down to the village level and any specific point on the map. We will see where are the best problem solvers, where the people are most happy or unhappy.

This data can be used to make relevant local and global news reports, for example we can get the following announcements:

  • Today a problem which was affecting 1500 people  got solved in our city. A new pedestrian bridge has been constructed over a busy highway. This improved traffic conditions and now there will be no more accidents involving children who cross the road to go to school.
  • Today 10,000,000 people can breath a sigh of relief, a global ban on GMO products without a clear label has been approved by all nations.
  • Today 100,000,000 people can rejoice as the conflict between Palestine and Israel has found a peaceful solution.
  • Today … to be continued… more examples needed, if you have some good ones, do share please!


This way any individual in the world will be able to see who’s the one solving most problems in a certain area and seek their assistance, these people should become mayors and receive access to more resources, so they can solve even more problems.


The platform will consist of the following modules:

  1. Reporting module will be used to report issues. It will have numerous interfaces and an open API, so any third-party system could also report issues. This module will be developed first.
  2. Voting module will be used by the users to select the issues that they connect with the most and they want solved the quickest.
  3. Analysis module will be used to visualise the collected data, extract key information which can be used to make decisions that affect great numbers of people.
  4. Service desk module will be used to solve the reported issues. Effectively this will be replacing the current inefficient government.

All the modules will have a publicly available API, we will encourage integration of all systems involved in the decision making process affecting our environment.

Do you see it? If it resonated and you wish to support the idea click here. to make a donation.