About ImproveIt

ImproveIt is a non-profit open-source software project, started by Pavel Shershnev and Alex Prusov in 2015.


Because we could see a way to improve the current system, without breaking it.

We don’t need to start revolutions, resort to violence or break anything to improve the lives of all living beings on this planet and ensure our survival as a species.

We will create a new system using the latest information technologies and let everyone know about it.

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, we just have to interconnect everything and make it available for our kids to play with.

People working on the projects like the ones on our inspiration page have to get together and build ImproveIt for the sake of our future generations.

We will make all the code available for everyone to review on GitHub, so anyone can suggest and implement improvements.

We are sure our idea will catch on and we will be joined by people from all over the world in building this new system.

Be sure to like our page on facebook, so we can let you know when we launch the first prototype.